Name Description Contact Last change    
AI/AI-Playground Playing around with AI Algorithms and Microsofts XNA Studio 3.0 unknown 7 years ago
AI/NeuralNetwork Artificial Neural Network implemented with C#. Extremely efficient. unknown 7 years ago
AI/PyNeuralNetwork A ANN backpropogation written in python unknown 4 years ago
AI/TakeMeToYourLeader Companion code to a pygame book. unknown 7 years ago
AI/VBNeuralNetwork Artificial Neural Network implemented in Visual Basic. unknown 7 years ago
Audio/Emily A car audio manager unknown 7 years ago
Audio/PlaylistGrepper An easy and smart cross platform playlist creator unknown 7 years ago
Games/Anti-Virus Based off of the Game Of Life. The goal is to eradicate the virus cells. unknown 7 years ago
Games/GameA Pygame playground and tutorial follow alongs. unknown 7 years ago
Games/Minesweeper Minesweeper look alike. Written in Java unknown 7 years ago
Games/MyRTS Toying with RTS concepts unknown 7 years ago
Games/Puzzles A few java applet puzzle games. unknown 7 years ago
Games/PyBTS Pygame Behind The Scenes. A modular 2D Game Engine for use with Pygame unknown 6 years ago
Games/SpaceInvaders Space Invaders Proof written in Java unknown 7 years ago
Libraries/CS Set of useful C# subroutines unknown 7 years ago
Libraries/Java Set of useful Java subroutines unknown 7 years ago
Misc/HTMLRelations Converts relative links in an HTML file to static links. (For hosting a html page on ebay) unknown 7 years ago
Misc/SSFTP A super simple ftp sync program. unknown 7 years ago
Misc/Scripts Useful linux scripts unknown 5 years ago
Misc/SeQyCalc An advanced calculator written in Java. Designed to work like the TI series calculators. unknown 7 years ago
Misc/SeQyPaint A simple paint program implemented in Java. Proof of concept. unknown 7 years ago
Other/FreeMind Mind Maps unknown 7 years ago
School Assignments and projects for Intro. Scripting Languages. unknown 7 years ago
Web/Flagon Contains lots of goodies for use with flask and web development. unknown 4 years ago
Web/PyQuickGallery A Quick gallery builder in Python. Generates thumbnails of pictures in sub folders called albums unknown 7 years ago
Web/jQueryRating A custom jquery rating plugin that was created for easy ajax, multiple widgetstiple widgets on screen, and integration with web2py unknown 6 years ago
Web/py2jquery This is a set of classes and functions for managing client events and resource and resources from a python server using jQuery unknown 6 years ago
Web/web2py_utils Lots of utility functions for web2py! unknown 5 years ago